NEW TOPIC: Prosocial Behaviour

May 14, 2015 New content

Prosocial behaviour

Four papers were added under the NEW topic Prosocial behaviour. More content will follow soon. Stay tuned!

New papers

Socio-cognitive correlates of prosocial behaviour in young children
Tracy L. Spinrad, PhD, Sarah VanSchyndel, MA, doctoral student

The moral foundations of prosocial behaviour
Tina Malti, PhD, Sebastian P. Dys, MA, Antonio Zuffianò, PhD 

Prosocial behaviour towards ingroup and outgroup members
Gil Diesendruck, PhD, Avi Benozio, MA, Doctoral student

Prosocial behaviour and schooling
Kathryn Wentzel, PhD


We are grateful to the Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation for financially supporting the development of this new topic.

Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation