Maternal depression

According to experts


Maternal depression and its relation to children’s development and adjustment
E. Mark. Cummings & Chrystyna D. Kouros
October 2009

Maternal depression and children’s adjustment in early childhood
Susan B. Campbell
February 2010

Perinatal depression and children: A developmental perspective
Sherryl H. Goodman & Matthew H. Rouse
February 2010


Maternal depression
Sheree L. Toth & Jack Peltz
November 2009

Treatment of postpartum depression
Peter Cooper, Lynne Murray & Sarah Halligan
May 2010

Development et services

Maternal depression: Comments on Cummings & Kouros; Campbell; Goodman & Rouse; Toth & Peltz; and Cooper, Murray & Halligan
Thomas G. O'Connor & Anne S. Burke
July 2010


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