The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development is a project of the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) supported by Université Laval and Université de Montréal (Quebec, Canada). Over the years, this organization has built a solid network of international experts who gather, synthesize and comment, in their respective domain of expertise, the most up-to-date scientific knowledge available on the development of young children, from conception to age five. 

The Encyclopedia is intended for service providers, service planners, policy makers and parents.

Most topics are explored from three perspectives: development, services and policy and the papers gathered under each topic are written by internationally renowned experts. 

The syntheses and information sheets (Eyes on...) provide summaries of the most essential knowledge in a lay language suited to various readers. 

The Encyclopedia also features a section entitled Voices from the Field that focuses on a specific environment or region. 

The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use reference tool, a unique and free resource devoted to promoting accessibility and knowledge transfer of the best knowledge on early childhood development.

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The development of the Encyclopedia is made possible thanks to the support of several funding agencies, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Université Laval and private foundations. 

The views expressed in the Encyclopedia do not necessarily represent the official policies of these agencies.

The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development is produced by the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) and the Strategic Knowledge Cluster on Early Child Development (SKC-ECD).

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Since its inception in 2001, the development of the Encyclopedia has been made possible thanks to the generous support of many partners:


The Encyclopedia is proud to work closely with valuable partners in the early childhood field to provide access to science-based information to wider audiences and support the actions of those working with families and children.

The team


  • Richard E. Tremblay, University College Dublin, Université de Montréal
  • Michel Boivin, Université Laval
  • Ray DeV. Peters, Queen’s University

The team

  • General Coordinator: Isabelle Vinet, Université Laval
  • Encyclopedia Coordinator: Valérie Bell
  • Project Coordinator: Kristell Le Martret
  • Webmaster - Documentalist: Isabelle Poulin
  • Secretary: Aristeea Dobrinescu


Topic Editors are carefully selected international experts whose role is to overview the update of existing topics or to create new topics.

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