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Parents play a key role in promoting healthy eating. Right from the start, choosing to breastfeed gives babies a nutritional boost and may help them learn to better regulate their food intake. 

Parents can also:

  • Provide healthy nutritious food daily, such as fruits and vegetables. Be sensitive to when children are hungry and full, and serve age-appropriate portions to avoid overeating. 

  • Teach children to be aware of when they are full and to eat slowly. 

  • Make mealtime an enjoyable time free of stress and distractions. 

  • Provide the tools to make eating easy (e.g. age-appropriate utensils, sippy cups, high-chair), and encourage family meals when possible. 

  • Limit the amount of screen time to 1-2 hours daily, and only for children over 2 years. Encourage children to be physically active.

Finally, one of the best ways for parents to encourage healthy eating is by being a good role model.