Maternal Depression and Children’s Adjustment in Early Childhood

Susan B. Campbell, PhD

University of Pittsburgh, USA

February 2010
Maternal Depression and its Relation to Children’s Development and Adjustment

E. Mark Cummings, PhD, Chrystyna D. Kouros, PhD

University of Notre Dame, USA, Vanderbilt University, USA

October 2009
Perinatal Depression and Children: A Developmental Perspective

Sherryl H. Goodman, PhD, Matthew H. Rouse, MA, MSW

Emory University, USA

February 2010

Development and Services

Maternal Depression: Comments on Cummings & Kouros; Campbell; Goodman & Rouse; Toth & Peltz; and Cooper, Murray & Halligan

Thomas G. O’Connor, PhD, Anne S. Burke, BA

University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

July 2010


Maternal Depression

Sheree L. Toth, PhD, Jack Peltz, MA

Mt. Hope Family Center, University of Rochester, USA

November 2009
Treatment of Postpartum Depression

Peter Cooper, D.Phil., Lynne Murray, PhD, Sarah Halligan, D.Phil.

Winnicott Research Unit, University of Reading, United-Kingdom

May 2010
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