Preschool Programs for Children in Disadvantaged Families

Lawrence J. Schweinhart, PhD

High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, USA

December 2012, Rev. ed.
Preschool Programs: Effective Curricula

Sharon Lynn Kagan, EdD, Kristie Kauerz, MA

Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

December 2012, 2nd ed.
Preschool and Learning-Related Skills

Paul Leseman, PhD

Utrecht University, Netherlands

December 2012
Preschool Programs for the General Population

Edward Melhuish, PhD, Jacqueline Barnes, PhD

Institute for the Study of Children, Families & Social Issues, Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom

December 2012
Preschool Programs: Effective Curriculum. Comments on Melhuish and Barnes, Kagan and Kauerz, Schweinhart, and Leseman

Jane Bertrand, M.Ed.

Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation, Canada

December 2012
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