Divorce and separation

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Topic Editor: Robert E. Emery, PhD, University of Virginia, USA
Topic funded by: The Lawson Foundation


Consequences of separation/divorce for children
Brian M. D’Onofrio
June 2011

How parents can help children cope with separation/divorce
JoAnne Pedro-Carroll
June 2011

Parenting plans following separation/divorce: Developmental considerations
Marsha Kline Pruett
June 2011


Interventions to help parents and children through separation and divorce
Clorinda E. Vélez, Sharlene A. Wolchik & Irwin N. Sandler
June 2011

Special considerations for infants and toddlers in separation/divorce: Developmental issues in the family law context
Jennifer E. McIntosh
June 2011

Development and Services

Divorce and separation: Commentary on Kline Pruett and McIntosh
Laura Backen Jones
November 2011

Divorce and separation: Comments on D’Onofrio, Vélez, Wolchik and Sandler, and Pedro-Carroll
Katherine M. Kitzmann & C. Matthew Stapleton
November 2011


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