Importance of early childhood development

How important is it?

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“Learning starts in infancy, long before formal education begins, and continues throughout life. Early learning begets later learning and early success breeds later success, just as early failure breeds later failure.” (James J. Heckman)

“Early childhood interventions of high quality have lasting effects on learning and motivation.”
(James J. Heckman)

“ECD has taken its place in the economic literature besides schooling, on the job training, public health and informal learning.” (David Dodge)

“A wide range of policies, including those directed toward early care and education, primary health care, child protective services, adult mental health, and family economic supports, among many others, can promote the safe, supportive environments and stable, caring relationships that children need.”
(Jack P.Shonkoff

“The early years of human development establish the basic architecture and function of the brain.”
(J. Fraser Mustard)

"The interplay of the developing brain with the environment is the driving force of development."
(Clyde Hertzman)

"The Convention of the Rights of the Child was adopted far more quickly and broadly than any previous human rights treaty." (Gary B. Melton)


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