Invest in the Very Young

James J. Heckman, PhD, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, Henry Schultz Distinguished Professor of Economics

University of Chicago, USA

February 2007, 2nd ed.
Human Capital, Early Childhood Development and Economic Growth

David Dodge, PhD

Ottawa, Canada

February 2007, 2nd ed.
Investment in Early Childhood Development Lays the Foundation for a Prosperous and Sustainable Society

Jack P. Shonkoff, MD, Julius B. Richmond FAMRI Professor of Child Health and Development

Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital Boston and Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University, USA

December 2009
Early Brain Development and Human Development

J. Fraser Mustard, PhD, The Founders’ Network, Founding Chairman

Council for Early Child Development, Toronto, Canada

February 2010
Framework for the Social Determinants of Early Child Development

Clyde Hertzman, MD

University of British Columbia, Canada

November 2010
Young Children's Rights

Gary B. Melton, PhD

Clemson University, USA

March 2011
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