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Sleeping Behaviour and Its Impact on Psychosocial Child Development

Evelyn B. Thoman, PhD

University of Connecticut, USA

August 2005, Rev. ed.
Waking States and Psychosocial / Emotional Development. Comments on the Texts of Anders , Thoman and Holditch-Davis

Marie-Josèphe Challamel, MD

Hôpital Debrousse, Lyon, France

January 2006, Rev. ed.


Sleep Disorders in Young Children: Impact on Social/Emotional Development and Options for Treatment. Commentary on France, Wiggs and Owens

Timothy F. Hoban, MD, Ronald D. Chervin, MD

The Michael S. Aldrich Sleep Disorders Center, University of Michigan, USA

September 2004
Services and Programs Proven Effective in Managing Infant/Child Sleep Disorders: Comments on Wiggs, Owens, France and Blampied

Jodi A. Mindell, PhD

Saint Joseph’s University, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

October 2004