• Father - Paternity - Fatherhood

    Info sheet for parents

    Father-Paternity: Different ways of being involved

    More and more, fathers are involved in child care. In fact, their involvement in child care is a protective factor in early childhood.

  • Father - Paternity

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    Father - Paternity

    When a father's influence starts in early childhood, this can help with forming secure attachments, promoting social and emotional development, and influencing school readiness and success.

  • Prosocial behaviour

    Info sheet for parents

    Prosocial behaviour: Helping your child to give back

    Prosocial behaviours begin early in life and become more complex over time. Young children from all cultures have the same forms of prosocial behaviours.

  • Prosocial behaviour

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    Prosocial behaviour

    Sharing, cooperating and helping are some of the forms prosocial behaviour can take. Skills such as perspective taking, empathy, and self-regulation contribute to the development of prosocial behaviour.

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