Social Cognition in Infancy

Chris Moore, PhD

Dalhousie University, Canada

July 2010
Infants’ Social Cognitive Knowledge

Jessica A. Sommerville, PhD

Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

September 2010
Social-Cognitive Development in Early Childhood

Scott A. Miller, PhD

University of Florida, USA

June 2010
The Development of Theory of Mind in Early Childhood

1Janet Wilde Astington, PhD, 2Margaret J. Edward, MA

1Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto, Canada
2School District 10, New Brunswick Education, Canada

August 2010
Early Social Cognition: Comments on Astington and Edward, Miller, Moore and Sommerville

Nancy Eisenberg, PhD

Arizona State University, USA

September 2010


Early Social Cognition

1Claire Hughes, PhD, 2Serena Lecce, PhD

1University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2University of Pavia, Italy

August 2010
Social Cognition: Comments on Hughes and Lecce

Megan M. McClelland, PhD, Sara A. Schmitt, MA

Oregon State University, USA

September 2010
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