The Origin of Peer Relationship Difficulties in Early Childhood and their Impact on Children’s Psychosocial Adjustment and Development

Michel Boivin, PhD, Canada Chair on Children’s Social Development

GRIP, École de psychologie & Université Laval, Canada

March 2005
Early Peer Relations and their Impact on Children’s Development

Dale F. Hay, PhD

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

March 2005
Sibling Relations and Their Impact on Children’s Development

Nina Howe, PhD, Holly Recchia, PhD

Department of Education and Centre for Research in Human Development, Concordia University, Canada

December 2014, Rev. ed.


Prevention and Intervention Programs Promoting Positive Peer Relations in Early Childhood

1Carla Kalvin, MS, 1Karen L. Bierman, PhD, 2Stephen A. Erath, PhD

1Pennsylvania State University, USA; 2Auburn University, USA

April 2015, Rev. ed.
Early Interventions to Improve Peer Relations/Social Competence of Low-Income Children

Patricia H. Manz, PhD, Christine M. McWayne, PhD

Lehigh University, USANew York University, USA

November 2004
Peer-related Social Competence for Young Children with Disabilities

Samuel L. Odom, PhD

Indiana University, USA

January 2005
Promoting Young Children's Peer Relations: Comments on Odom, Manz and McWayne, and Bierman and Erath

Michael J. Guralnick, PhD

University of Washington, USA

January 2005
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