Linkages Between Early Childhood, School Success, and High School Completion

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School Completion/Academic Achievement-Outcomes of Early Childhood Education

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School Completion and Academic Success: The Impact of Early Social-Emotional Competence

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School Completion/School Achievement as Outcomes of Early Childhood Development: Comments on Vitaro and Hymel and Ford

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Preschool Education and School Completion

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Services or Programs that Influence Young Children (0-5) and Their School Completion/Academic Achievement

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Services or Programs that Influence Young Children’s Academic Success and School Completion

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Relationship Between Preschool Programs and School Completion: Commentary on Hauser-Cram, McDonald Connor and Morrison, and Ou and Reynolds

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Promoting Young Children’s School Readiness: What Parents Can Do

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Wayne State University School of Medicine, USA

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Kindergarten for four-year-olds: a measure to promote school and social success in children from disadvantaged backgrounds

France Capuano, PhD, Marc Bigras, PhD, Christa Japel, PhD

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May 2014
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