Defining Play-based Learning

Erica Danniels, MEd, Angela Pyle, PhD

OISE University of Toronto, Canada

February 2018
The Role of Make-Believe Play in Development of Self-Regulation

Laura E. Berk, PhD

Illinois State University, USA

February 2018
Play-Based Learning and Social Development

Emily N. Daubert, PhD Student, Geetha B. Ramani, PhD, Kenneth H. Rubin, PhD

University of Maryland, USA

February 2018
Cognitive Development in Play-Based Learning

Doris Bergen, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology, Emerita

Miami University, USA

February 2018


How Guided Play Promotes Early Childhood Learning

1Deena Skolnick Weisberg, PhD, 2Jennifer M. Zosh, PhD

1University of Pennsylvania, USA

2Pennsylvania State University, USA

February 2018
Assessment in Play-Based Learning

Christopher DeLuca, PhD

Queen’s University, Canada

February 2018
Playing to Learn Mathematics

1Brenna Hassinger-Das, PhD, 2Jennifer M. Zosh, PhD, 3Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD, 4Roberta M. Golinkoff, PhD

1Pace University, USA

2Pennsylvania State University, USA

3Temple University, USA

4University of Delaware, USA

February 2018
Digital Play

Susan Edwards, PhD

Learning Sciences Institute Australia, Australian Catholic University, Australia

February 2018
Moving Beyond False Dichotomies in the Play-Based Learning Domain: Overall Commentary

Charles E. Pascal, PhD

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

February 2018
Negotiating a Holistic View of Play-Based Learning: A Commentary

Angela Pyle, PhD

OISE, University of Toronto, Canada

May 2018
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